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How To Protect Your Interlocked Concrete Patio Pavers During The Winters

Many homeowners think they can leave their interlocked concrete patio pavers outside all winter long without any worry, but this is not the case. The winters are harsh on these pavers, and many things can go wrong if you don’t take proper care. You might want to have a professional paving company like J. Wilson Paving perform regular maintenance to keep your paved surfaces in good shape.

In this blog post, we will explore some ways to keep your interlocked concrete patio pavers safe during these colder months so you can continue enjoying them all year long!

1) Remove Heavy Objects

The expansion during the freeze-thaw cycles can cause your interlocked concrete patio pavers to heave. This can create gaps between the joints that allow water and other elements to get in, damaging and staining them during winter and throughout the year.

You should remove the heavy objects, such as potted plants, chairs, or tables, from your patio so they won’t be resting on top of these gaps all winter long.

If you have substantial items like park benches, consider removing them entirely since this will ensure nothing makes contact with those gaps!

2) Reduce Ice Accumulation Near the Gutter

If you have gutters near the edge of your patio, make sure to clear away any ice or snow that accumulates around them. This will ensure it doesn’t push against your house and cause damage as well! You can use a drain extension to prevent ice accumulation and to ensure the concrete patio pavers are not slippery for too long.

3) Trim Shrubs and Brushes

If there are any shrubs or bushes that hang over your patio, you should trim them. Cutting shrubs and bushes close to the patio paver ensures no moss buildup during the absence of sunlight.

This will help keep the concrete patio pavers protected and looking good for years to come! Once you trim the landscaping, make sure there are no overhanging limbs that could be brushed against by wind or snowfall.

It might take a little work in advance, but it’ll save you time later on if you’re proactive about protecting your interlocked pavers and preparing for winter weather!

4) Be Cautious During Snow Removal 

While it may be tempting to use a snow shovel or plow blade to clear your patio, this could end up scraping away the mortar that holds the pavers together.

Just like water can seep into any cracks and damage interlocked concrete paver joints, so too can blades from heavy equipment!

If you’re worried about your interlocked pavers in Arnprior, ON, then J. Wilson Paving is here to help you. We ensure that your pavement stands the test of time and resists all weather challenges without breaking down. Get your quote on residential paving and maintenance and enjoy quality services at an affordable price.

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