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5 Reasons Why You Need An Asphalt Driveway For Your Property In Ottawa

Although many of us might not realize it, your driveways are much more than a surface under the tires. A driveway is one of the first features of your home that people come across, which is why they can significantly impact the curb appeal and resale value of your property. Plus, a well-paved driveway provides your vehicles a smooth and bump-free end to a journey.

Another often neglected factor is that a professionally paved driveway can protect your cars from getting damaged if you have a dirt driveway.

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When it comes down to paving or repaving the driveway, homeowners are presented with numerous paving materials options. You can get a porous or hard pavement depending on your needs, requirements, and budget.

While you have various aggregate paving material choices, like concrete, tar-and-chip, gravel, crushed shells, and natural stone, a viable option is asphalt.

Let’s look at a few reasons why you should get an asphalt driveway.


Asphalt surfaces typically last between 25 to 30 years, depending on the traffic, weather damage, and other factors.


Asphalt is a low-cost material. On top of that, you might save more and maybe even get some benefits from the government if you use recycled asphalt in your driveway paving project.


Asphalt paving is relatively easier than concreting, and tar-and-chip paving, which is why it costs less and contractors are readily available. However, you still need to choose a reliable paving firm.


Asphalt is susceptible to various kinds of damage, and in the third and fourth stage of its life cycle, deterioration gets worse. Snow, rain, UV rays, deicers, oil, stains, salt, and many other things can damage your pavement.

However, asphalt repair is easy. Various preventive maintenance and repair processes can reserve your pavement deterioration.


Asphalt is a highly recyclable material. Your old asphalt pavement can be reused without worrying about its durability or strength. You can use recycled asphalt to pave a new driveway or use asphalt millings in place of gravel to form a more porous surface.

Apart from the multiple advantages, there are also two drawbacks of choosing asphalt. The first one is that asphalt surfaces require regular maintenance to retain their smooth black finish despite their durability.

Secondly, there isn’t much room for creative expression or choice in asphalt paving. However, thanks to recent advancements, you now get a few color options with stamped or colored asphalt if you don’t want to go with the traditional midnight black look for your pavement.

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