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Sweater Weather: Ensuring Protection For Your Landscape In Winters!

landscape is not merely a bunch of plants and grass crammed into a visual masterpiece; it’s a living system that needs as much care as you invested in having it installed. Sure, we can don scarfs & sweatshirts, but plants need protection from the snow & sleet to survive it to the beautiful Ontario spring.

Plants & saplings in newly landscaped lawns are particularly vulnerable to inclement weather, especially winters. If your asphalt & hardscape pavers can’t take freeze-thaw damage, then imagine what it’s like for plants.

J. Wilson Paving has some helpful tips for protecting your landscaping living elements through the cold.

1. Use Organic Mulch in Your Flower Beds

Scattering a liberal layer of mulch in the flower beds insulates the soil from the cold, protecting the root systems. Organic mulch also helps to fertilize the soil for plants to grow. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you may add your used coffee grounds to the mulch mix as a natural deicer.

2. Use Towels & Sheets to Frost-Proof Your Plants

No plant deserves the merciless death that is brought on by frost. It’s best to utilize towels and insulation sheets on your landscape elements, especially the sensitive kind. Do not moisten the towels!

3. Use Burlap to Protect Hedges & Shrubs

Burlap has the quality of being inexpensive and is a good weed deterrent when put over interlocked pavers. Best to drape your shrubs & hedges over with burlap to insulate them from the cold while ensuring a safe degree of ventilation.

4. Keep Potted Plants Indoors at Night

Potted plants fare better than those in the flowerbed. Nevertheless, shelter your pots in the garage or underneath an eave to keep them safe from the snow, sleet, and frost.

5. Switch To Outdoor Heat Lamps

If your landscape is home to exotic fruit-bearing or flowering species in their youth, then it’s best to install heat lamps & a wireframe as a burlap enclosure. As the plants mature each year, you may not need the heat lamps anymore.

6. Use Eco-Friendly Insecticides

Insects do have either a hibernation phase or gestation period spanning winters, so your plants might be home to insect eggs. Keeping in mind the cold and the severity of the infestation, use eco-friendly insecticides.

Since our inception over a decade ago, J. Wilson Paving has been executing successful paving & landscaping projects left, right & center. As a trusted paving contractor in Almonte, Ontario, we guarantee the perfect blacktop for your asphalt surfaces. Still, since asphalt season is out, so we switch to our landscaping & paver maintenance competency.

Your landscape elements are just as precious as your investment in asphalt projects; they both deserve maintenance to make it through the brutal winters. We offer Almonte outstanding pavement, paver, and landscaping services, so don’t hesitate to call us in.

You are welcome to receive a free quote on our services and can contact us to voice any particular landscape & paver maintenance concerns. Our rates are budget-friendly, combined with excellent services!

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