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Understanding The Landscaping Industry

The landscape industry is a very diverse one. What most people think of when they hear the word “landscape” may be including things like: green grass, trees, bushes, and flowers all lined up in rows. What others may think of could include parks or zoos, golf courses, and stadiums.

The landscape industry is anything that has to do with land management, including work done on private homes (like yards) or public spaces (parks).

Landscaping is Art and Science

What makes the Landscaping Industry so unique is that it is both an art and science. It takes an artist’s eye to create a beautiful garden space for people who want something more than just grass in their yards, but it also requires scientific knowledge to suggest solutions that are best suited to the plants and climate of a specific region.

Landscaping Encompasses Various Industries

The landscape industry is a term that covers many different sectors, including garden design, gardening, and landscaping. The landscape industry also refers to the jobs related to land and its use. This means that anyone who works with land can be considered part of the landscape industry, such as gardeners, landscapers, farmers, foresters, tillers, or even builders.

Landscaping is an Ever-Growing Industry

The landscape industry is a large and diverse one. What started as a small-scale, unregulated business has become much more formalized and well regulated over the years. The sector generated a combined total revenue of nearly $100 billion in 2019, with an average household spending approximately $500 on lawn care and gardening activities.

Landscapers Offer Diverse Services all Year Round

As the seasons change, so too do landscaping companies. They provide a wide range of services to their clients throughout the year based on the season, including:

  • Gardening in the spring
  • Lawn care, tree pruning in summer months
  • Leaf clearing during fall when leaves are shedding off trees
  • In winter, they may provide snow removal service so you can have peace of mind throughout those cold months too

Thus, you can keep your yard and landscape looking great all year round with the help of a professional landscaping company.

The Landscape Industry has Four Major Sub-Sectors

What many people don’t know is that the landscape industry has four major sub-sectors, which are:

  • Landscape Design & Construction
  • Lawn Care Services
  • Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers
  • Garden Centers

Today, landscaping experts are decorating lawns with plants, flowers, and other greenery to create the perfect setting for outdoor living spaces and commercial businesses.

What used to be one man’s job – designing gardens for wealthy clients on his own time – now employs thousands of people who work year-round in this ever-growing industry.

The landscape design industry has grown so quickly because it offers many different services, from designing gardens to installing irrigation systems or lighting up landscapes at night.

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