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5 Signs Your Asphalt Pavement Is In Need Of Repair

First-time pavement owners and managers are often unsure about how often they should get asphalt repair done on their surfaces. However, the truth is that there is no fixed time. While you can track the life cycle of your pavement, there is no definite answer as to when and what kind of pavement distress may appear on your surface. Yet, you cannot neglect repairs. Otherwise, you will have to invest in an early repave.

Before you get all confused and frustrated thinking about what you are supposed to do, hear us out! If you notice any or all of the signs listed below present on your pavement, then simply put, it’s time to get asphalt repairs done.

1. Crumbling Edges

Heavy traffic near the edge of your pavement, the lack of gutters and curbs to support the edge, or incorrect installation, can cause asphalt near the edge of your pavement to break off. Crumbling edges are a sign of deterioration and damage that requires quick repair. If crumbling edges are ignored, they can cause large cracks or other types of damage to appear on areas of the pavement.

2. Pooling Water

Pooling water and birdbaths are signs of poor drainage and/or sub-base or base damage. If the foundation layers of the pavement are not adequately compacted or are damaged, the asphalt will start to shift, causing depressions to appear on the surface. These depressions will trap water, thereby hindering runoff and causing more damage. Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of asphalt surfaces so getting these depressions filled, getting asphalt patching done, or full removal and replacement is necessary.

3. Cracks

Cracks are mostly amongst the first signs of damage atop the pavement. Yet what are hairline cracks today can turn into potholes tomorrow, so you need repair. While crack repair is relatively easy, there is one type of crack that can prove to be tricky and somewhat extensive. Alligator cracking is generally a sign of incorrect installation or severely deteriorated pavement.

4. Fading and Stains

A big indicator of pavement deterioration due to age is fading. Your asphalt pavement loses its rich black finish with wear and use and turns into a dull, whitish grey. Fading occurs due to exposure to sunlight and/or aging as asphalt loses its binding agents and oils, leaving behind a dull and brittle surface. Thus, where there is fading, there is damage.

Similarly, stains can cause significant damage to the asphalt pavement, which is why you need to give your surface a thorough cleaning and invest in repair as soon as you observe a single stain on your precious asphalt.

5. Warping

Heavy vehicle traffic and/or an insufficient, or compromised base can cause warping to appear on your asphalt surface. Thus, if your surface starts resembling waves instead of a smooth surface, you need to either fill and level that area or replace the whole pavement.

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