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7 Ways To Keep Your Asphalt Driveway In Tiptop Shape

Keeping your asphalt driveway in good condition is not just a matter of pride but also convenience and logic. A well-maintained asphalt driveway can add significantly to your property’s curb appeal and value. On the other hand, a neglected and ill-maintained asphalt driveway can ruin the aesthetics of your property, cause damage to your vehicle, and cause people to trip and fall. Thus, any sane homeowner would prefer having their asphalt driveway in prime condition; in order to do so, you need to carry out the following tasks.

1. Sealcoat the Surface When Necessary

Asphalt sealcoating is a key preventive maintenance solution that can protect your asphalt driveway against harsh weather, wear, stains, and other harmful factors. It reduces the need for future repairs, slows deterioration, and adds drastically to the aesthetic appeal of your property. By forming a protective shield over your driveway, a seal coat can guarantee that it stays in prime condition.

The first seal coat needs to be applied three months or so (within the first year, but after the asphalt has fully cured and settled) after installing your asphalt surface. Your sealcoating can wear off with use, making your driveway once again vulnerable to damage, which is why it needs to be redone every few years. You can get an expert to inspect your surface and give you an idea of when to next invest in a sealcoating project.

2. Carry Our Timely Repairs

If you want to keep your asphalt surface smooth, functional, and attractive for a long time, you need to be proactive about asphalt repair. Set aside a budget for your asphalt pavement to invest in immediate repairs, so pavement distresses can be fixed in their early stages, thereby maintaining their prime condition and preventing more extensive problems.

3. Clean Your Driveway Regularly

Keep your driveway clean by sweeping away any twigs, stones, fallen leaves, and other organic matter. Also, give it a regular washing using mild cleaners and/or power washing equipment to remove all traces of harmful chemicals, contaminants, and dirt. A clean surface looks great and stays great.

4. Remove All Stains Immediately

Stains can prove to be extremely harmful for an asphalt surface as the liquid that seeps inside the surface can cause damage to layers present below the top layer leading to settling, depressions, potholes, and more. What they do is weaken the internal bindings of your asphalt. Also, while this may sound like a shallow reason, stains are ugly!

The most common kinds of stains which usually occur on an asphalt driveway are motor oil, engine oil, mulch, food and beverages, and paint. You need to be very careful while removing these to avoid damaging the surface or causing discoloration. Using a hard bristle brush can damage the top layer, harsh chemicals or detergents can cause both damage and discoloration, power washing can push the stains deeper into the pavement, and ignoring is simply not an option.

5. Employ Safe Snow Removal Practices

Procure the services of a professional snow removal firm for quick and effective snow removal to avoid damage. Snow removal experts use the safest techniques to maintain the prime condition of your asphalt surface.

6. Ensure There Is Effective Drainage

Get professional inspections performed on your storm drainage system to prevent flooding and puddling. Water can badly damage the top layer of your asphalt driveway, which is why it is crucial that you keep your pavement drainage system clean and well-maintained.

7. Cut Any Roots That Are Getting Too Close

Avoid planting any plants or trees near your driveway, chop off any unruly roots, and remove all weeds because roots can damage the base and sub-base layer of your driveway, causing it to crumble, leading to foundation failure.

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