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How To Choose An Asphalt Paving Contractor

Asphalt pavement is favored by most property owners, thanks to its sturdy nature, quick assembly, and simplicity. Although asphalt paving is a durable and cost-effective choice for pavement, its longevity depends upon correct installation.

Property owners need to be extra cautious when hiring a pavement contractor; simply going for the lowest bid is not always the right move in the pavement industry. Unskilled asphalt paving companies are renowned for creating a mess that leaves property owners poorer and searching for other options. Conducting a thorough background check at the time of hiring saves you the time and effort in rectifying their blunders. If you live in Carp, ON, J. Wilson Paving can help you with asphalt paving and asphalt repair projects.

Here are some factors that you need to consider when hiring an asphalt paving contractor. Paying particular attention to these factors will help you identify the right team for the job.


Technology is subject to rapid change and evolution in all industries. Similarly, the asphalt pavement profession has its fair share of technological upgrades throughout the year that make the contractor’s job easy and asphalt maintenance and repair convenient for homeowners.

Professional contractors are up to date with all recent industry trends as they send their staff for regular training programs and certifications. These contractors realize the significance of educating their staff on best practices and upgrades in equipment. The team’s professionalism during training and certification is reflected in their performance when they work on a project.


A positive word of mouth and references speak volumes about the services a pavement contractor offers. If the community and your friends and family have good things to say about a contractor, they should definitely be high on your list. Also, you should not hesitate to ask a pavement contractor for at least three references when shortlisting for the project.


Regardless of how professional or well-equipped an asphalt paving team is, the rates they offer should be affordable and realistic. You need to be proactive in your hunt and look for different quotations before finalizing the best deal.

However, when determining the cost-effectiveness of a contractor, price and a low bid should not be the only options you should consider. The materials and equipment a contractor uses and the staff’s experience are other factors that affect a company’s cost-effectiveness. A pavement contractor asking peanuts for a job will probably own low-quality equipment and untrained staff that does more damage than good.


State laws require general contractors to carry minimum insurance, and you should ensure that they abide by the law by asking for it. You don’t want the entire blame for an accident landing on your shoulders; check for auto-liability insurance, general liability, team-worker compensation, and umbrella policy when hiring a contractor.

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