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One Bad Egg Doesn’t Ruin The Basket! Getting Over Sealcoating Scam Artists

A sealcoating scam artist is a common sight in many neighborhoods, preying on unsuspecting homeowners with sealcoating scams. These con artists are often dressed up in fake uniforms and drive around neighborhoods looking for houses they think need sealcoating. But they’re not seal coaters – instead, they’ll come to your home, try to sell you the service, take your money and leave without doing anything. Or, even if they do any work, it will be useless.

They Ruin Your Driveway

Here’s what will happen if you let this sealcoat scam artist sealcoat your driveway: You’ll end up with a mess of bubbles that won’t disappear for months, even after multiple applications of regular asphalt spray paint (which they also try to sell you). You’ll also notice that your sealcoated driveway is constantly dirty and full of potholes. And if sealcoating isn’t the problem, sometimes they take advantage of people with cheap asphalt sealers – which have a lifespan shorter than regular sealcoat.

To help you avoid these sealcoating scam artists, we’ve compiled this list of tips to spot them before it’s too late.

1) They Offer Extremely Low Rates

Sealcoating scam artists typically offer extremely low rates. If the company charges significantly less or a very attractive rate, it may be because their sealcoating products contain inferior ingredients. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

2) Ask for References of Previous Customers in Your Area

When sealcoating, it is important to ensure the company you are going with does has a good reputation. Ask them for references of previous customers who live nearby or ask neighbors if they’ve used the sealcoating company before. If they have used them, ask if their work was up to par and whether or not they would recommend their services. This will help you decide whether you should trust them with your sealcoating.

3) Get Their Office Address

When a sealcoating company approaches you, always get their office address before you book them. If they refuse, refuse to hire them! If a sealcoating company declines to share their office location, chances are they’re not licensed or insured to sealcoat driveways.

4) Check if They Have Insurance

If the sealcoating company does not have insurance, you will be responsible for all damages should an accident occur. Do your homework and verify that they are insured. You can also check with state agencies to see if there are any complaints filed against this business. If it turns out someone has been ripped off by this sealcoating company, be sure to report them.

The best way to avoid a sealcoating scam artist is by doing your research. If you’ve been approached about having your driveway sealed, be sure to ask the right questions and then get a second opinion from J. Wilson Paving before making any decisions. Contact us today for a free quote on our services. We offer many services, including residential asphalt pavingcommercial asphalt pavingasphalt repairs, and more. We work with homeowners and businesses throughout Almonte, ON, and beyond.

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