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Don’t Begin Your Year’s First Drive With Potholes On Your Parking Lot!

Potholes are formed when asphalt pavement is not maintained correctly, so it rebels by joining forces with the weather and the shearing forces of passing vehicles. Though not contagious in the truest sense, potholes tend to lead to newer pavement distresses and cause damage to vehicles & pedestrians.

If you are concerned about the potholes in your parking lot, it is justified. Potholes are a menace to asphalt surfaces and are significant trip hazards. They affect curb appeal, reduce property prices, invite ADA violation lawsuits, & they just ruin the drive.

Speaking of driving, you know how significant an investment a personal vehicle is, and it would be a shame if you were to dent your brand-new rims in an exceptionally deep pothole hidden beneath the snow. Your local paving expert in Arnprior, ON, J. Wilson Paving, has more scary stories to tell.

Damaged Tires & Body

Small potholes are manageable, but bird baths don’t forgive even all-terrain treads. Add to that some exposed rebar and lose chips, and you have a recipe for damaged tires and scrapes along the vehicle’s body. The repair costs won’t be lenient on you with this economy.

Steering Issues

Sharp turns when traversing large potholes put a strain on the steering & the drive rack housing. Deeper potholes damage the steering alignments, and your vehicle might develop a list to a side during the drive. This spells bad news for your clients & your business. If the steering gearbox is compromised, fatal accidents can happen.

Pedestrian Tripping Hazard

You certainly have clients walk to your establishment in various work & fashion footwear. No matter what the shoes protect, all clients suffer the equal risk of an ankle sprain, a fall, or a bone-breaking trip if they mismanage their step across a pothole. As a parking lot manager, this will reflect poorly on your ADA compliance commitment.

Peeled Undercarriage

Luxury cars come with a low-ride height to complement their aerodynamic shape & stability. These cars won’t fare well over speed bumps or potholes. The worst is severe damage to the undercarriage as the jagged pothole edges scape the metal. Even the auto shops would have a field day if you weren’t getting sued by the car’s owner for damages.

J. Wilson Paving is not the paving contractor that retreats in snow. We like to consider the ramifications of a deteriorating parking lot, especially on the cusp of the New Year. Assuming you are a parking lot manager and think the Arnprior snow is detrimental to fixing those ghastly potholes before the clock strikes midnight. In that case, you have yet to be acquainted with our quality residential & commercial asphalt services in OntarioGet your free quotations on cold patching potholes now!

A Cold Patch Today Starts Your Year In The Best Way!

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