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4 Ways To Find The Right Contractor For Asphalt Paving

As a residential or commercial property owner, most of the paving advice you receive would likely be in favor of asphalt when it comes to the best paving material. 

In order to get asphalt paving done, the most critical decision is choosing the right paving contractor.

How to Find the Right Asphalt Paving Contractor

Ideally, it would be best to first look for contractors in your area because it will be easier to do a background check on them.

Also, meetings can be arranged quickly, and you can visit the sites where they have carried out similar jobs. You can begin searching on Google by typing asphalt contractors near me. This search will return the names of contractors in your area.

The following are some of the key factors for assessing the prospective paving contractors.

1. Experience

Asphalt paving requires years of experience to learn the technicalities of the trade. Many factors affect projects, including the site’s geographical location, soil composition, drainage, climate, etc. Only an experienced contractor knows how these factors come into play and impact the paved surface’s longevity, and thus how to handle each situation.

2. Professional License & Certifications

The contractor(s) under consideration must have the relevant contractor license issued by your state. A professional license validates that the contractor possesses the requisite knowledge and skills for asphalt paving work.

Quite often, contractors hire external technicians for specific project tasks. You should inquire if the contractor you’re assessing practices this and request them to provide the certifications of each technician who will be working on the project.

3. Insurance and Bond

Since paving projects involve the use of heavy machinery onsite and hazardous materials such as hot asphalt, there is considerable potential for property damage. The same factors can also lead to situations that result in work-related injuries to the crew.

To mitigate these threats, the contractor must have the appropriate insurance and be willing to submit a surety bond to cover possible property damages.

The contractors who have proper insurance and offer surety bonds to customers may be a bit expensive as compared with those who do not provide these assurances. If your finances allow, it is always good to go with the contractor who offers insurance and bond to avoid any unforeseen expenses.

4. Find Out What Their Customers Say about Them

Ask the contractor to provide the references of a few recent customers and a few older ones to check with them. Past customers can tell you about the longevity of the work performed and also about the contractor’s business practices and interaction with the customer. Research them online to see what kind of reputation they have on social media. Read the reviews posted about them online.

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