You are currently viewing Tres Chic-scaping! 5 Paver Ideas To Install In Your Driveway This Fall!

Tres Chic-scaping! 5 Paver Ideas To Install In Your Driveway This Fall!

Pavers add to your driveway an aesthetic akin to the Roman civilizations’ floor mosaics and make the property look so royal when themed right. And it’s a great DIY project when combined with some expert guidance and artisanal talents.

Paver bricks can be used for all sorts of designs, and with a bit of creativity, your imagination is the limit. Paver driveways add value and personality to any home or business. Paver installation is also very cost-effective as paving stones last much longer than asphalt or concrete. And the best part: you can pattern it any way you want to, and the pieces will still fit!

Here are a few ideas we’d like to suggest for upgrading your driveways, using interlocking pavers, paints, and some smartly used mortar.

Materials You Will Need for Paver Styles Mentioned Below

  1. Clay Bricks: They come in a range of earthy colors, are all-natural, and are environmentally friendly for use in driveway pavers and patios. They are an inexpensive option but tend to get damaged if their mortar is not correctly prepared. They are, however, resistant to weathering, and the colors don’t fade due to UV exposure.
  2. Concrete Interlock Blocks: These concrete paver blocks come in any pigment and design to interlock to form intricate patterns. Concrete resists water damage and is structurally strong, but its colors fade with UV exposure, hence the need for a surface protectant seal.
  3. Rubber Tiles: They’re made from recycled tires and rubbers. The initiative is aimed towards sustainability. Like concrete pavers, these all come in a range of block styles and colors. They provide good traction and are excellent for use on home-owner properties.
  4. Masonry Paint & Stencils: As long as you have a plan for a concrete floor for your driveway, you are going to love what we’re about to suggest ahead.
  5. Paver Stencils: Seen cookie cutters? There are cookie cutters for poured concrete.

Designs You Can Make with the Materials Mentioned Above

  1. Turf Lattice

These paver blocks are like a garden lattice except installed on the ground, and usually, the grass is planted in the porous sections. The resulting look is so divine that you might never want to park your car up the driveway. Worry not; the pavers are made to protect the grassy bits while allowing your vehicles a smooth drive, though you can fill in a loamy substitute too.

2. Herringbone & Zigzag

These are widespread paver block designs you will see in community parks and commercial areas (in addition to the circular paver). You can install rectangular and square blocks in similar styles too.

  1. Milano

This beautiful paver brings out the best in your driveway with suitable mortar. You can interlock the paver to make as many designs as you desire.

  1. Wave & Scallop

All you need is good mortar, two-tone pavers, and tones of patience. The resulting pattern once glossed over, is breathtaking!

  1. Paint Stencils

Concrete tile stencils are a masonry blessing. You get to save on having to purchase expensive tiles by stenciling your patterns onto a concrete driveway in the style of a paver.

6. Stamp Stencils

These stencils are stamped onto poured concrete to take on the style of geometric pavers from blocks to slates. They are the easiest to apply as long as your concrete mix is prepared correctly. They can be ripped off concrete pouring or simply stamped onto it as it cures.

We sincerely hope you loved these ideas, and if you need our assistance in paver installation or procuring masonry materials, call us up or get in touch for a free quote. We’re active in Ottawa, ON, and even though we deal in asphalt and concrete, we occasionally love our input to paver artwork.

At J. Wilson Paving, we firmly believe that paving ideas are only limited by your dreams but brought to life by our hard work!

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