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Demystifying The Cost Of Paving For Commercial Properties

While planning to install a new pavement or repair an existing one, the first thing on your mind would probably be its cost. The cost of an asphalt paving project may seem overwhelming when you look at it in its entirety. However, knowing the different components of the project will make it more understandable. So, before you start talking to asphalt paving contractors like J. Wilson Paving in Carp, ON, let us break down the cost components for you so you can gain a better understanding.

Components of an Asphalt Paving Project

An asphalt pavement consists of several layers; we will discuss the essential work needed at each layer so that you can see how different components contribute to the cost.

The Foundation

The foundation is the bottom layer; the importance of a solid, stable foundation can’t be overstated. Let’s see what type of preparation work is needed for new and existing pavement.

  • New Pavement – The pavement area should be cleared of trees, shrubs, and any other form of vegetation. Next, excavation is carried out to bring the ground into workable condition by mounting and grading.
  • Existing Pavement – Since the sub-base is already in place, the primary activity here is repairing the damages to the pavement (if any), such as potholes, cracks, etc. Later, leveling is performed to smooth out the unevenness and to increase the thickness. Finally, a coating is applied to strengthen the base and to secure the loose material.

The Base Layer

Underneath the foundation, the base layer exists to help distribute the weight on the surface layer. There are a few different types of materials used to form the base layer. One is the aggregate, which is made of gravel and sand, and the other is Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), which consists of stone, sand, or gravel combined with asphalt cement. Your contractor will suggest the best material for the base layer.

The Top Layer

This is the beautiful, black, shiny surface we see on roads and pavement. Like the foundation layer, the surface layer is also critical because it is constantly exposed to several distress factors, including heavy traffic and weather elements. Based on the local variables, like the weather and the traffic volume, choosing a suitable material is crucial. Hot mix asphalt (HMA) is commonly used due to its durability.

Other Factors

  • Designing and installing a proper drainage system is extremely important for the longevity of a pavement. Therefore, its cost is also a part of the project.
  • The costs of site preparation, repairs, materials transportation, and skilled labor must also be factored into the project cost.
  • The project ends once the pavement is installed, but the cost of periodic maintenance should also be included in the cost of pavement installation. The longevity of a pavement significantly depends on regular maintenance.

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